Hi, I’m Nova, certified CBT practitioner, hypnotherapist & OCD recovery expert.

Right now I want to give you a big virtual hug for finding this page!

You know, I bet you and I are probably a lot alike…

I bet you’ve been struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms for a while.

Wrestling with intrusive thoughts which lead to feelings of guilt over the past, shame and anxiety.

You want to learn how to let go of OCD thoughts.

I understand what you’re going through.

I had one of the most severe cases of OCD in the UK, which I successfully recovered from.

Now, I want the same for you!

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~ OCD is incredibly tough ~

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~ I’m so sorry you’re struggling ~

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But guess what?

I’m also excited that you’re here!

This means we can start your recovery journey today!

A journey that can lead to peace and security in your relationships and falling in love with life!

And if you think it sounds too good to be true, I don’t blame you.

It’s exactly what I would have thought back when I was struggling with OCD.

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Nova’s OCD recovery story

Through her increasingly popular recovery guidance and a community of over 3,000 followers, Nova empowers OCD sufferers to break the cycle of anxiety and live a calmer and more fulfilling life.

But before recovering from OCD and becoming a certified CBT practitioner & hypnotherapist, Nova used to suffer from severe OCD. Her road to recovery was more than a little rocky…


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How do OCD recovery sessions work?

Nova used ERP, ACT & CBT to treat her OCD but before she was able to successfully get the most out of it, she first needed to work through her internalized shame, anxiety and negative core beliefs.

No matter your subtype of OCD, be it obsessive thoughts, harm urges, real event OCD or even false memories that feel so real, recovery sessions can allow you to take back control of your life by utilizing traditional OCD recovery methods alongside deep inner healing.

It was this dual focused approach that allowed Nova to recover from severe OCD and get the best out of her ERP sessions.


“Having OCD sessions with Nova was absolutely amazing. She is extremely kind and compassionate and able to create a safe space free of judgment for the people that come to her. She gave awesome techniques for my OCD recovery and helped me connect with myself in a beautiful way. Doing this work with her was one of the best things I’ve done lately. You always know how to help me. You are honestly amazing”.


“Thank you again for all the help you have given me. The inner child exercise really does help. And the letting go makes me feel better now when I do it. Nova you are such a kind soul thank for you everything you do for me and others. OCD recovery is very possible. I’m recovering and I never thought I would see this day!”.


”Thank you for all your work, it literally has changed my life for the better. Everything you do has helped me so much that I can’t even describe. My self-esteem has also got a lot better! There are no words I can use to describe how thankful I am for your work.”


I found the sessions very beneficial and actually have had very few intrusive thoughts since.


“I started therapy, but it hadn’t changed my mindset, until I found your page with your story.
You’re honestly a life saver”.


“I wanted to say that you REALLY helped me. So thank you for you. It is okay to let it out and feel our emotions”.


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